Tour J (8 days)

  • Day 1


    Arrival and transfer to the hotel where you will have dinner and spend the first night.

  • Day 2

    Hotel > Ouarzazate > Extended journey in the caravan

    After breakfast we start the journey by jeep from Ouarzazate to Agdz and across the Draa Valley to Zagora. Then we continue to Mhamid, where we have lunch. In the afternoon you will meet your camel caravan and depending on your preference, ride your camel or accompany the caravan on foot.

    You will spend the coming days and nights with the caravan in the heart of the desert. You roam the dunes and experience unforgettable moments. Leave the stress of everyday life behind, just live the day and follow the calming rhythm of the caravan.

  • Day 3

    Extended journey in the caravan

    You experience the fascination of the desert, the wonderful dunes of Morocco, get to know real nomads and the life of the desert dwellers. At noon we rest under the shady tamarisk trees with delicious flatbread and the traditional mint tea of the nomads.

  • Day 4

    Extended journey in the caravan

    We enjoy the evening in front of the tents around the campfire under the magical starry sky of Morocco. At night you can sleep in a tent or under the twinkling stars, as you wish.

  • Day 5

    Extended journey in the caravan > Oasis Sacrée Oum Lâalag

    At noon we reach the oasis Sacrée Oum Laalag. Dinner and overnight in the oasis in a Bedouin tent.

  • Day 6

    Oase Sacrée Oum Lâalag > Chegaga

    In the morning we go on a journey of discovery into the oasis. After lunch we drive by jeep to the high dunes of Chegaga to admire the impressive sunset. Dinner and overnight in the tents at the foot of the dunes.

  • Day 7

    Chegaga > Draà-Tal > Ouarzazate

    After breakfast we drive by jeep over the sand tracks to Mhamid. In the afternoon, return to Ouarzazate via the Draa Valley. Before that we stop in Tamegroute to visit the old Koran library. Dinner and overnight in Ouarzazate.

  • Day 8

    Ouarzazate > Hotel

    Transfer to the airport or hotel.

tour costs

630.00 €

per person (minimum 6 required persons)


Names of fellow travelers must be provided at the time of booking.


Not included: arrival/flight (Germany-Marrakech) | beverages
Additional overnight stays can be booked.


Remember the necessary permits and vaccinations. For more information, please ask us for detailed travel information.

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